Season 2

E1 · Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door

Rue and Jules cross paths for the first time since Christmas as East... more

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Fez's grandma walks into the strip club.
Fez's grandma teaches Fez how to deal drugs.
Fezco in math class and finds baby.
Fez tucks the baby in and sleeps next to him.
Fez's grandma cooks drugs on the stove.
Fez counts money while grandma sunbathes.
Fez counts money while grandma sunbathes.
Fez's grandma attacks with crowbar.
Fez and Ashtray watch a movie.
Ashtray attacks Mouse and Custer with a hammer.
Rue, Fezco, and Ashtray sing along in the car.
Ashtray, Fez, Custer, and Rue in Laurie's apartment have to confirm no one is wearing a wire.
Fez and Laurie talk about Mouse; Gives Fez the drugs and they all leave.
Fez, Ash, and Rue drive away from Laurie's.
Rue and Jules show up at NYE party; Lexi tells Maddy she can't reach Cassie.
Cassie buys a donut.
A truck drives up to Cassie at the gas station.
Nate buys beer at the gas station.
Before Nate meets Cassie outside the convenience store.
Nate drives Cassie to the party.
Cassie and Nate hook up in the bathroom.
Cassie hides in the tub; Jules dances; Rue finds drugs and Elliott.
Maddie and Travis flirt; Cassie hides; Rue goes into cardiac arrest; Fezco and Lexi talk.
Jules looks for Rue.
Fez and Lexi talk about God.
Jules finds Kat by the pool.
Nate waits for Cassie and talks to McKay.
Lexi calls Cassie; Jules sees Rue by the bonfire.
Maddy and Travis talk; Lexi finds Cassie; McKay asks to talk to Cassie.
Nate jokes about McKay and Cassie.
Jules talks to Rue; Ash gets a phone call and leaves.
Fez and Lexi talk; Fez takes of his sweater, ready for a fight.
Fez breaks a bottle over Nate's head.
End credits.
End credits.

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Does anybody knows the instrumental that plays in 8:04 - 9:23 ?
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Does anyone know the song where Fez takes his grandma to the hospital and then it transitions to the older/present him?
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Anyone know if the original score will be released that starts at 56:56? Right after The Lake. The moment Rue and Jules have the dialogue before they share a kiss.
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Does anybody know the instrumental playing in the background when Cassie leaves the store? It starts at around 24:50 and ends at 25:10 when it transitions to Lexi talking with Maddy.
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Does anybody knows the instrumental that plays while Jules is looking for Rue ? Its not Uhuh Yeah by G.L.A.M., COLBIE, at 38:03-38:30
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the song that plays at 23:53 - 24:00, when Rue sees Jules walk into the party, is the end of It All Feels Right by Washed Out
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