Season 2

E4 · You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can

At Maddy's birthday party, relationships are celebrated and questioned.... more

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Jules and Rue hook up.
Montage of Cassie, Maddy, and Nate at Maddie’s birthday.
Suze toasts hard seltzer with the girls.
Cal and Nate talk and Cal leaves to go for a drive.
Rue and Elliott dance. Jules and Elliott kiss.
Maddy puts on this song at her party.
Elliott drives with Jules and Rue to the gas station.
Nate gets to the party and sees Maddy.
Cal drives and sings.
Nate gives Maddy her present.
Jules, Rue, and Elliott drive and argue.
Nate goes to leave the party and Cassie comes down the stairs and goes in the hottub.
Cal pulls into the bar parking lot and then gets thrown out.
Lexi watches Cassie in her drunken, sad state.
Cal goes into the bar and takes a few shots.
Cal picks this song on the jukebox and sings along. Cassie sings along at Maddy’s.
Elliott drives, Jules cries, and Rue is wasted.
Nate and Maddy argue; Cassie throws up.
Cal dances with a guy at the bar and asks to wrestle.
Cal gets thrown out of the bar
Cal drives at a dangerous speed.
Rue walks down the church aisle.
Rue holds the gospel singer; End Credits.
End Credits.

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name of the song when cassie cried and behind her are roses
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What's the tune where Rue was taking drugs after the fight in car ..the scene where she looks up and the next scene Jules is taking a shower? The tune lasted like 10 seconds but it was beautiful I am stunned ..made this account just to find that out...if u know please tell me 🥺
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