Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Soundtrack

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Soundtrack

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Songs and music featured in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Soundtrack

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Music coming from the television while Greg makes a phone call to Rachel after his mom makes him.
Greg Walking to Rachel's house
Greg first entering Rachel’s bedroom.
Greg describes his and Earl’s friendship over the years.
Greg describes the 42 movies they have been making.
Greg in Rahcel’s bedroom as they discuss people finding out about her Leukaemia.
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Montage where Greg and Rachel finally become friends.
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Greg hallucinates in the middle of a school test as the classroom begins to spin and a panda and pig appear in front, and behind him after him and Earl eat cookies containing drugs.
Greg and Earl get off the school bus to walk Tom Rachel’s house to visit her before she loses her hair.
The music being played by Rachel’s mom, Denise, as Greg and Earl visit Rachel’s house together.
The themes from one of Greg and Earl’s movies.
Music coming after Rachel left Greg's house and Greg told the audience Rachel would not die.
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Greg visits Rachel after she is a few weeks into treatment after she has lost all her hair, and describes to him how hard treatment it.
During Greg and Earl’s movie remake of ‘Apocalypse Now’.
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Rachel begins to watch the start of Greg and Earl’s movie ‘A Sockwork Orange’.
Montage of Greg visiting Rachel during her treatment and hair loss.
Greg and Earl search through a movie collection for inspiration for Rachel’s film.
Theme from one of Greg and Earl’s movies.
Greg and Earl proceed to work on their Film for Rachel.
Greg and Rachel argue over her decision to stop her treatment.
Greg walks to Earl’s house, furious, after finding out he told Rachel about their film for her and Earl tells Greg that Rachel actually cares about him.
Greg left Earl in the office, walked down the school corridor and found the email of a change to his admission.
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When Greg finally shows Rachel the movie he and Earl did for her - Also appears in the movie’s official trailer.
At Rachel’s Jewish Funeral, her mum returns Greg a college directory book he gave Rachel with a card and letter that she leaves him. Greg goes outside to make amends with Earl.
Greg reads his letter from Rachel as well as the one she wrote to Pittsburgh State Collage in her bedroom before he begins to walk home with his favourite one of her pillows.
Third song used in the movie’s official international trailer.
First song used in the movie’s official international trailer.
Second song used in the movie’s official international trailer.
What is the name of the very first song in the movie when he’s typing a paper that says “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times” and also what is the song right after he gets of the bus at the beginning and the words on the screen say “the part where I begin senior year”
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